Emily Dickinson 1830-1886
Nicknamed “The Myth” for her reclusive habits and her custom of dressing exclusively in white, Emily Dickinson published fewer than twelve poems during her lifetime. Only after her death,when her 1789 poems were discovered, did her work gain renown. The story of Dickinson’s devotion to her writing and the surprising circumstances that led to the eventual publication of her poetry remain one of the most compelling stories in literature.

Called Back brings Emily Dickinson out of hiding, affording a rare glimpse into the world of this eccentric genius. Dickinson transports her guests back to the mid-1800s where she discusses her poetry, her family and friends, her education, her religious beliefs, and her need to withdraw from society.

Throughout her visit, Emily challenges her guests to think and to voice their opinions on everything from fame to cats. Most of all, Emily dazzles withher unique imagination and wit.

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