Margaret Blennerhassett 1771-1842
Like an exotic jewel, Margaret Blennerhassett, arrived in the Ohio Valley in 1797, bringing the refinements of English society to the frontier. Margaret and her husband Harman built a luxurious twelve room mansion on an island in the middle of the Ohio River, just downstream from Marietta. But their attempts to create their own paradise were fraught with disappointment. With their fortune dwindling, the couple allied themselves with Aaron Burr, former vice president under Thomas Jefferson, whose plans to settle lands further west eventually led to their ruin. The Blennerhassetts’ involvement in Aaron Burr’s “conspiracy” and treason trial placed them at the center of one of the most controversial chapters in American history.

Exile from Eden reveals the heartbreaking details of Margaret’s riches-to-rags story. In addition, Margaret provides a glimpse into 18th century frontier life and intriguing information about Aaron Burr, Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton. Margaret’s love of entertaining makes her a sparkling storyteller
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