Margaret Mitchell 1900 - 1949

No book or movie has ever captured the imagination of the American public like Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind.  The novel, published in 1935, and the movie that followed in 1939, brought the author fame and fortune.  Readers and movie fans found the heroine, Scarlett O’Hara, controversial yet irresistible.  And the story’s ambiguous ending provoked a public clamor for a follow-up novel.  But Mitchell was a reluctant celebrity, astonished by the attention that her book brought.   Moreover, she viewed the creation of the book and its publication as an accident. 

In Scarlett Fever, Margaret Mitchell, sassy and spirited as Scarlett herself, describes how her fascination with stories of the Old South led her to write Gone with the Wind and how its popularity turned her world upside down.  In addition, she offers fascinating insights into the making of the movie, a movie so popular that even today, with ticket sales adjusted for inflation, it remains the highest grossing movie ever made.
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